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Tema: A Battle of Wits

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    Anla'Shok Avatar de draskort
    Fecha de ingreso
    23 feb, 06
    15864 veces

    Predeterminado A Battle of Wits

    A Battle Of Wits - 2-Disc SE (Hong Kong Version)

    Formato de imagen: 2.35:1
    Formato de Audio: Chino DD 5.1 y DTS
    Subtitulos: Chino, Inglés (solo pelicula)
    País: China (Hong Kong)
    Zona: 0 (Libre)
    Contenidos adicionales: Postales.
    • - Teasers and trailers
      - Making-of featurette
      - Interviews: Jacob Cheung, Andy Lau, and Nicky Wu
      - Photo gallery
      - The Birth of Mo-Tsu
      - The Commander
      - The Archer
      - The Publicity
      - The Beginning of an Epic Battle
      - Asian Posters
      - Sketches
      - Story Board
      - The Gala of Many Cities : Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen

    Tipo de estuche: Caja de madera (ver fotos)
    A la venta en: Yesasia, dvdasian
    • -Sinopsis:
      [list:6a5e1be95b]The warring states of Ancient China serve as a backdrop for this pan-asian war epic, starring the charismatic Andy Lau. Going by the literal translation of the Chinese title, it's "Ink War", alluding to the fact that much of the battles in this movie relies a lot more on superior strategy in order to overcome a mammoth battle against a Goliath, with a 4,000 population up against the might of a 100,000 strong well-trained army.

      A Battle of Wits tells the complex story of a lone warrior whose mission is to save a besieged walled city from the savage attack of a 25,000 strong army. Late in the 3rd century, when China comprised seven rival kingdoms, Ge-Li ? an remarkable savior in rags ? stands alone in an endangered city waiting to fulfill his destiny.

      It is an impossible battle however you look at it. But here is a lone man willing to climb every mountain and cross every river just to get to the city of Liang with only one aim: to deliver Liang from the overwhelming threat of the Kingdom of Zhao in her battle against the Kingdom of Yan. Ge Li is the last Mohist in the Warring States period of China. Facing him in the field are thousands of swift chariots ad many thousands more mail-clad soldiers. His battle will be the loneliest battle in the history of war. No battle has ever been this unmatched in strength.

      Would this one man alone be able to change the destiny of Liang? On the surface, this is a battle for which bloodshed would be inevitable. But in reality it is also a battle of wits. A struggle between power and desire: between a ruler and those being ruled. A message of anti-war through war itself.

    -Trailer, imdb[/list:u:6a5e1be95b]

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    Elijo la pastilla roja Avatar de Findor
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    27 oct, 02
    8 veces

    Predeterminado Re: A Battle of Wits

    La caja muy bonita... y la peli que tal??

  4. #4 Avatar de ViTo
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    02 may, 05
    111 veces

    Predeterminado Re:

    revisa los links, que no se ven las imágenes.

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    Anla'Shok Avatar de draskort
    Fecha de ingreso
    23 feb, 06
    15864 veces

    Predeterminado Re: A Battle of Wits

    El dia 17 se vuelven a ver, se ve que por este mes ya he excedido el trafico máximo -> 10 GB.

    No merece la pena subirlas a otro sitio...

    Aunque quizas si sigo colgando fotos como hasta ahora me pillaré una cuenta premium, 19 €/año , 5 GB y ancho de banda ilimitado.

    Mientras tanto, el que no pueda verlas,

    Firefox = Boton derecho -> Ver imagen.

    IE = Boton derecho -> propiedades -> pegar en la ventana la direccion de la foto

    "El Arte es la firma de la civilización".

    #props originales

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