Cheolsu Loves Younghee + Postcard Set (2 Disc Set)

Formato de imagen: Letter Box 4:3
Formato de sonido: DD 5.1 Surrround, DD 2.0 Stereo Korean
Subtítulos: English, Korean
Zona: 3
País: Korea
Tipo de estuche: Caja de cartón grande
Contenidos adicionales: jJuego de postales
Dónde comprarla: DVDAsian

Special Features:

- Making of Film
- Interviews
- Trailer
- Photo Gallery

Chulsoo is a punk kid who always plays tricks on others. One day, while he is picking on somebody as usual, he meets Younghee, a new transfer student, who becomes his class partner. He start to like her. Younghee is a preconious smart girl who lives with her grandmother alone. Her grandmother owns a flower shop and she helps her grandma by delivering flowers. Though Younghee looks lively, she misses her deceased parents at heart. Chulsoo decides to prepare somgthing to please Younghee and begins to deliver newspapers.

A mischievous young troublemaker falls in love in Chulsoo and Younghee, a sweet coming-of-age story from award-winning director Hwang Qu-Dok (Neighborhood, Searching for Our Class), recipient of the Best New Director Award from both the Critics Choice Awards and the Chunsa Film Art Awards in 1990.