We are pleased to announce that we will be setting up our operation in the USA!!

We take possession of our new premises on March 1, 2006 in sunny Florida, USA.

So that we can get ready for the move, we have to decided to stop taking any new orders on the Canadian site. This way we can ship out any remaining orders - take stock and begin the move.

What's in it for you - our valued customer?

You will see quite a few changes - all designed to improve on what we can offer, and win back many customers who have left.


A few years ago, Dv-Depot was price competative against ANY U.S. based DVD retailer. During the past 2 years, the U.S. dollar has dropped almost 40% relative to the Canadian dollar. This is out of our control, but the bottom line is that we are no longer competative - price wise- against US retailers, who now are selling DVD's below what we can buy them for.

With the move, we will once again be very competative against every other retailer. We are confident that many of our former customers will return as a result.


We are teaming up with a major US distributor and will be offering a much broader selection than ever before across all genres. The move allows us to increase our selection of adult titles, and to carry top selling audio CD's..and all titles will once again be bilingual free!!!!.

We are excited about the new upcoming high definition DVD formats. We want to be there on the ground floor, just as we were with the launch of regular DVD. The aim is to have us be recognized as a world leader of HD DVD.

C-Customer Service

Our company was built on great customer service. During the past 2 years, our customer service has not been at the level of where it was previously. The key reason for this, is dropping sales volumes, and not having the profit margins necessary to ensure the proper support systems are in place. We are most confident that our business will increase again, and are opening the new site with the full support staff in place at the launch. We are making the comitment to have a fast shipping turnaround, and will have our current support ticket system available, to ensure timely responses. The existing ordering process will be significantly streamlined, so that it will be simpler for a broader customer base.