Harmonium In My Memory: Limited Edition + Continuity Book (287 Page: Korean)

Formato de imagen: Widescreen 1.85:1 (Anamorphic)
Formato de sonido: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Korean
Subtítulos: English, Korean
Zona: 3
País: Korea
Tipo de estuche: Caja de cartón con amaray dentro.
Contenidos adicionales: Libro con el story completo, 287 páginas
Dónde comprarla: Agotada. Ebay.

The year is 1963 at a village area very far from Seoul. Kang, aged 21, practises teaching for the first time with verve and sincerity. He's shown in several episodes to be a warm-hearted one and takes great care of his class pupils, who're mostly children from poor families. Yoon, a 6th grader but much older than most of her classmates, gradually falls in love with Kang. The daily journal assignment helps to communicate the strong feel of Yoon to Kang, ranging from humorous portrayal of her daily life, her constant ranting of the sexual bias against female in her family (and typically in the village as a whole), to her attacks of Kang's secret lover, Miss Yang, a 5 year senior of the young recruit. In one scene, the camera captures the beauty of actress Jeon Do-yeon (who plays Yoon in the movie) in a stunning scene, her joyous moment after Kang naughtily pitches her arm. Yoon's introvert but lovely character is constantly shown when she enjoys her moment of calm and tranquil by looking at the beautiful full moon, which changes to the face of Kang. At one time, the picture overlaps with us peeping into Kang's watching the full moon that changes into the face of Yang. The director would have us know that these fantasies are pure in form, not obsessively crooked in content.
Music plays a great role in this wonderful movie. As a grammar and music teacher, Kang is a record keeper who loves esp. the songs of Connie Francis. This is another glimpse that we can see the creeping influence of American pop culture even in a small rural town in South Korea. The record of Connie Francis' greatest hits ultimately plays an important role in the movie, serving as symbols of love affection expressed by Kang (to Yang) and by Yoon (to Kang).

The whole movie is not to portray some heroic attempts of school reform or student repentence but instead it's an extremely touching story about one's memory of first love. After the ending of the movie, the echoes of the theme song will remain strongly in your memory.

Prize of Best Actress(Jeon Do-Yeon) Best Assistant Actress(Lee Mi-Yeon) New Director(Lee Young-Jae) at 20th Chung Ryong Film Award