Joze, The Tiger and The Fish LE + OST

Formato de imagen: 1:85:1
Formato de sonido: 2.0 japanese
Subtítulos: English, Korean
Zona: 3
País: Korea
Tipo de estuche: Digipak
Contenidos adicionales: Banda sonora y fotograma
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Limitadaa 1000 copias

Following up on his 2003 hit 'Resurrection,' Isshin Inudo has hit an offbeat, arthouse home run with 'Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish' - a romantic drama about an ordinary college boy named Tsuneo (Satoshi Tsumabuchi) working part time at a mahjong parlor who falls in love with an extraordinary girl called Josee (Chizuru Ikewaki) who is afflicted with cerebral palsy.

At Tsuneo¡¯s workplace, a frequent topic of conversation is the old woman who walks around town pushing a buggy, the contents of which nobody knows. As Tsuneo is out walking his boss¡¯s dog one morning, he runs across the old woman and her runaway buggy, which he stops, giving him the chance to look inside. Much to his surprise, the buggy contains a girl who, unhappy that he r secret has been exposed, pulls a knife on him. Despite the inauspicious introduction, Josee¡¯s grandmother invites Tsuneo to her house, where Josee has lived since she was a child, and the seeds of a relationship are planted.

As Tsuneo and Josee become friends, and eventually lovers, she begins to open up, but as their relationship deepens, it becomes apparent that the differences between them could be greater than they thought...