In what could be a precursor to the cinema of the future, Sony, NEC and Canon (among others) have teamed up to create some remarkable sights and sounds for the Expo 2005 show in Aichi Japan. Among the various attractions and exhibits is "Global House" new window which uses technology to portray the history of the universe. One particular presentation (The Laser Dream Theater) uses a 164 foot laser projection system with an 11-channel sound system, to screen a short called “Voyage Around the Earth”.
A laser projection system using state-of-the-art technology will deliver a novel screen experience on a 2,005-inch seamless screen (50 meters by 10 meters).

Another attraction dubbed the "Super High-Vision Theater" uses "The world's first super high-definition image system" which is used to screen another set of shorts called "A Hymn to Life" and another piece described as a "visual poem". The hardware used is said to offer 16 times the resolution of high definition, although I have no earthly idea how this footage was captured, it certainly sounds breath taking. Not to be outdone by the laser theater, the SHV Theater incorporates 22.2 channels of three-dimensional audio, with active acoustic management.

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