Love So Divine: Special Edition (2 Disk Digipak)

Formato de imagen: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1 / NTSC
Formato de sonido: Dolby Digital 5.1 Korean
Subtítulos: English / Korean
Zona: 3
País: Korea
Tipo de estuche: Digipak troquelado
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Kyushik(Kwon Sangwoo) is a serious theological student whose single and long-term goal is to serve God and become a priest. Just before his ordination, his ambition is tested due to his delinquent friend Sundal's mistake during school mass. To escape from this crisis, Kyushik has to attend a special training program, called 'strengthening your spirituality.'

Kyushik and Sundal are stationed in a small church in a deserted area where everything seems strange and far from what they expected. Kyushik meets Father Nam's niece, Bonghee(Ha Jiwon), who just came from the US, only to find that her 'believed-to-be love of her life' has left her for another girl. Trying to wake up a drunken Bonghee in the chapel, Kyushik accidentally kisses her. During his confession, he is ordered to prepare her for baptism.

Consoling the broken-hearted Bonghee is a difficult task for the innocent Kyushik. They are attracted to each other as they reveal their experiences. Then as Kyushik's ordination date approaches, Bonghee's ex-boyfriend returns to win her back. They both must make the decisions of their lifetime.