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Tema: Robot Stories

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    sabio Avatar de shinyatsukamoto
    Fecha de ingreso
    28 feb, 05
    8 veces

    Predeterminado Robot Stories

    <img src= ALT=":hola"> Hoy me he pasado por el videoclub y he visto que tenían esta peli de la que no tenía referencia alguna. ¿Se estrenó en cines? Sólo sé que es de ciencia ficción (sci-fi from the heart) y que ha ganado más de 30 premios en festivales. Copio y pego algunos premios por si a alguien le sirve como termómetro:

    Best Director (Greg Pak)
    Best Screenplay (Greg Pak)
    2004 Festival Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre

    Best Picture
    Best Director (Greg Pak)
    Best Actress (Wai Ching Ho)
    Best Picture Audience Award
    2004 Semana Internacional de Cine Fantastico de Malaga

    Best Independent Sci-Fi Feature
    Best New Director
    Best New Film Audience Award
    SF Hall of Fame Inductee- Greg Pak
    2004 Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival

    Best Feature Film
    2004 Sci Fi London International Film Festival

    Best Screenplay (Greg Pak)
    Best Actress (Wai Ching Ho)
    2003 St. Louis International Film Festival

    Most Original Film
    2003 Marco Island Film Festival

    Best Science Fiction Film
    Best Science Fiction Director (Greg Pak)
    Best Science Fiction Actor (Sab Shimono)
    Best Science Fiction Actress (Tamlyn Tomita)
    Best Score (Rick Knutsen)
    2003 ShockerFest Film Festival

    Emerging Director Award
    2003 Asian American International Film Festival

    Excellence in Design Award
    For Daniel M. Kanemoto's opening credits animation
    Association Internationale Du Film D'Animation East

    PD: Perdón por el ladrillo.


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    sabio Avatar de shinyatsukamoto
    Fecha de ingreso
    28 feb, 05
    8 veces

    Predeterminado Re: Robot Stories

    Bueno, y copio alguna críticas bastante interesantes:

    "Pak sets himself up as a filmmaker to watch, a creator of intelligent, thoughtful stories that refuse to be contained by traditional definition. Which is exactly what we need in our movies."

    George Lucas could learn something from Pak and his predominantly Asian-American cast about creating credible characters." <img src= ALT=":lol"> <img src= ALT=":lol"> <img src= ALT=":lol">
    - Anthony Allison, Las Vegas Mercury

    "Director Greg Pak's 'Robot Stories' is the most entertainingly humanistic robot film since 'Metropolis,' and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably a replicant and not to be trusted around small animals and electrical outlets."
    - Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle

    "One of the most human and humane science fiction films I've seen in a long time."
    - Kathi Maio, Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

    "A smart, low budget meditation (or meditations) on love, loss, family, and community, writer director Greg Pak's anthology borrows elements from Ray Bradbury, Phillip K. Dick, and other sci-fi visionaries, but places them in a recognizable, down-to-earth context... 'Robot Stories' isn't slick, isn't gimmicky. These are tales from the heart - pulsing to a high-tech beat."
    - Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

    "By turns funny, melancholy and incredibly moving."
    - Katie Haegele, Philadelphia Weekly

    "It will be interesting to see what [director Greg] Pak can do with a film that gets a little more funding and wider release. Then again, a big studio and a big budget wouldn't have improved 'Robot Stories.' It's fairly close to perfect already.'"
    - Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

    "Quiet subtlety abounds throughout these terrific shorts... For fans of independent films, or people that just like good movies, Robot Stories is a must-see."
    - Bobby Kirk, Playback St. Louis

    "A new candidate for the Robotic Hall of Fame."
    - Gerald Peary, Boston Phoenix

    "'Machine Love' is about mankind’s repulsive yet apparently timeless desire to hold other creatures as slaves. The sight of Archie standing upright and shirtless against a picture window at night–filled with longing, yet powerless to do anything to halt the evil occurring next door - is one of the most disturbing images in modern sci-fi cinema."
    - Matt Zoller Seitz, New York Press

    "In less than 90 minutes, "Robot Stories" says more about humanity's relationship to machines than the entire "Matrix" trilogy. At its best, this quartet of vignettes could also be favorably compared to "Minority Report" (without the budget) and "A.I." (without the bluster)."
    - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    "If only Steven Spielberg had had the quirkiness and the funny bone of New York filmmaker Greg Pak when he set out to make A.I.: Artificial Intelligence a couple of years ago. We might all have been the richer for it."
    - Michael Janusonis, Providence Journal

    "One of the most moving pieces I've seen all year."
    - John Petrakis, Chicago Tribune

    "Extremely powerful. The writing has a real simplicity that I thought was all the more remarkable for how powerful the films really are. There might just be one simple line or image which carries tremendous emotional impact."
    - Jean Oppenheimer, FilmWeek, 89.3 KPCC LA

    "'Robot Stories' is an exquisitely moving and original examination of the humanity of machines and the artificiality of humans, directed with grace and humor by Pak."
    - Natalie Kim Burns, FunFactor

    "This is postmodern anthropology, a strange and bittersweet little movie that knows its sci-fi ancestry but dares to take it into new and personal directions. You'll want to follow along."
    - Steve Schneider, Orlando Weekly

    "One of the better screenplays of independent film in 2002."
    - Chris Wehner, Screenwriters Utopia

    "A technological treasure - the kind of science fiction that sophisticated audiences crave and deserve."
    - Jonathan Hickman, Entertainment Insiders

    "By turns quirky, thoughtful, and laugh-out-loud funny, Greg Pak's feature film debut is an off-kilter look at a world in which machines think and feel, and humans often don't. In short,<span style="text-decoration:underline"> 'Robot Stories' is Steven Spielberg's 'A.I.' done right</span>."
    - Jeff Yang, founder, aMagazine: Inside Asian America

    De nuevo, perdón por el ladrillazo. Me voy a reservarla al videoclub para mañana <img src= ALT=":D"> . la web de la peli

    "FUCK! DON´T YOU UNDERSTAND? THE FUTURE IS METAL."</p>Editado por: <A HREF= kamoto>shinyatsukamoto</A> fecha: 28/4/05 18:39

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    Avernícola Avatar de MuMul
    Fecha de ingreso
    06 abr, 02
    116 veces

    Predeterminado Re: Robot Stories

    Edita Selecta-Vision. V.O. y pista doblada en 2.0, creo recordar.

    La pelí esperaba muchísssssimo más.


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    Senior Member
    Fecha de ingreso
    13 abr, 04
    35 veces

    Predeterminado Decentilla, sin mas.

    Son 4 historias, segun el estado de animo de cada uno en el momento de la vision gustara mas o menos, las tres primeras historias mas o menos bien, la ultima pesima (para mi gusto claro)

    Resumiendo, tonteria mas o menos simpatica sin mas, realizada por "Asiatiacos Americanos"....

    Es lo que hay.


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    Fecha de ingreso
    02 nov, 03
    0 veces

    Predeterminado Robluff stories

    De acuerdo con las opiniones anteriores. Es más, en el Festival de Málaga de Cine Fantástico de 2004 recibió el premio a la mejor película, en perjuicio de una mucho mejor, la canadiense "Dead End", la sorpresa de esa semana.
    A mí me parece un filme tan soso como previsible, con 4 historias sumamente vacías y aburridas (la última es ya un blufff).

    Un saludo.


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    Fecha de ingreso
    27 dic, 03
    6 veces

    Predeterminado Re: Robluff stories

    a mí ni fú ni fá. El que más me gustó (es el único que recuerdo), es el corto del robot bebé...


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