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Tema: Sunday Morning Shootout

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    i need a fix Avatar de Charlie
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    01 ene, 04
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    Predeterminado Sunday Morning Shootout

    Se trata de un programa de la tv americana con entrevistas a actores, directores, etc... Hablan de cine, no de su vida privada. En diciembre se pusieron a la venta 3 volumenes individuales de 2 discos cada uno y un pack que incluye los 3 volumenes.

    Copio de la review de Eric Nelson en Amazon:

    Let me start by telling those unfamiliar with the series about its tone: Peter Bart and Peter Guber are interested in what makes Hollywood tick. They are not interested in the tabloid side of Hollywood stars' lives, they want to know why and how their guests make movies. Don't mistake this for a technical view of Hollywood, because even though it does look at the business and art side much more than what you get in Newsweek or even Entertainment Weekly, it is very accessible for non-film fact, people who are inspiring film buffs must start here!

    Now as to what this contains. Each disc has five or six complete episodes. An episode starts out with Guber and Bart discussing some topic (for example, "Are blockbusters crowding out Oscar-worthy films?" or "Do film critics really matter?" or "Do actors make good directors?"). These discussions are lively and animated with the Peters' wearing their passions on their sleeves and both sides not only represented but articulated well. The second half of the approximately 30-min show is an interview with the featured guest which tends to focus not only on their work and how they perform their craft, but also the guests' input on topics that are critical to the movie business today.

    Audio: inglés a pelo

    Contenido de los discos

    Disc One
    THE TRIPLE THREAT (Actor/Director/Producer)
    Danny DeVito
    Kevin Costner
    Sylvester Stallone
    Clint Eastwood
    Mel Gibson
    Kevin Spacey & Mike Burns

    Disc Two
    Ron Howard & Brian Grazer
    Edward Zwick
    Brett Ratner & Pierce Brosnan
    Kevin Smith
    Garry Marshall, Matthew Perry, Jonathan Lynn
    Wayans Brothers

    Disc Three
    Edward Norton & Tom Rothman
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Jack Black
    Jim Caviezel & Rowdy Herrington
    Andy Garcia

    Disc Four
    Laura Linney
    Charlize Theron
    Sherry Lansing
    Nancy Meyers, Barry Levinson, Chris Weitz
    Stacey Sher, Paula Weinstein, Lucy Fisher

    Disc Five
    EXECUTIVE SHUFFLE (Revenge of the Hollywood Suits)
    Bernie Brillstein
    Cuba Gooding Jr & Joe Roth
    Anthony Minghella & John Calley
    Peter Jackson & Bob Shaye
    Art Linson, Cassian Elwes, Mark Gill
    Harvey Weinstein

    Disc Six
    Dustin Hoffman
    Anthony Hopkins
    Ben Kinsley
    Adrien Brody
    Denzel Washington

    El que tenga curiosidad por saber como es, puede localizar en la mula la entrevista a Matthew Perry y Garry Marshall.

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    DVD Doe Avatar de MacIgnosh
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    22 ago, 02
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    Predeterminado Re: Sunday Morning Shootout

    [center:64187bab00] [/center:64187bab00]

    A ver quien se atreve a editar esto... o a pasarlo por tv.

    Dura prueba para mi inglés.
    Y no esta caro, no.
    ejemplo de compra en mi proveedor habitual z1:

    Order sub-total: €13.57
    (*) Shipping: €7.02 (6 items)
    (**) Total: €20.59 (EUR)


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