Artificial Eye está acaba de recopilar todas las películas que tiene del documentalista francés Nicolas Philibert en una caja llamada, tachán, The Nicolas Philibert Collection. Son 5 películas en 4 discos, en amazon UK están a £17.99 (rebajado desde su RRP de £29.99). Una pena que Le pays des sourds y La moindre des choses haya que comprarlas aperte (editadas ambas por Second Run), pero dado que están ambas a £6.99, no importa mucho. Sale el maratón por £32, cumpliendo de sobra para el FREE Super Saver Delivery to Spain. ser y Tener es la única editada en Españistán, y me parece que anda un tanto descatalogada.

Sacado de su web:

This box set brings together a collection of remarkable works by the acclaimed documentary filmmaker Nicolas Philibert.

- Born in the jungles of Borneo forty years ago, Nénette the orangutan is now the most senior inhabitant of the world’s oldest zoo. In this awe-inspiring, tender and funny film, we observe Nénette’s daily life and eavesdrop on the conversations of her many visitors.
France 2010/ 68 mins approx

- This charming and intimate portrait of a single-class primary school in rural France and its inspirational teacher offers a touching and absorbing look at the heart of a village community.
France 2002/100 minutes

- This spellbinding behind the scenes look at the world's greatest art museum reveals a secret world of private chambers, miles of underground passages and vast reserves containing thousands of priceless paintings, sculptures and objects.
France 1990/84 minutes

- The Zoology Gallery of the National Natural History Museum was renovated in the early nineties after being closed to the public for a quarter of a century. This strange and fascinating film charts the resurrection of hundreds of stuffed animals from their forgotten twilight zone.
France 1994/59 mins. appox.

- Over thirty years ago, Nicolas Philibert worked as an assistant to film director René Allio on a movie version of an influential book compiled by Michel Foucault. Philibert returns to the old locations to reminisce with the now middle-aged or elderly actors about the way it affected their lives.
France 2007/113 mins. approx.

  • France 1990-2010
  • Colour
  • French with English subtitles
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Dolby Digital 2.0
  • 307 mins. approx.
  • 4 DISCS