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Tema: Amenaza en la sombra (Don't Look Now, 1973, Nicolas Roeg)

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    Predeterminado Amenaza en la sombra (Don't Look Now, 1973, Nicolas Roeg)

    Sorpresón tremendo, de la mano de Studio Canal UK... 4K UHD!!!

    The first ever 4K restoration of DON'T LOOK NOW which was Nicolas Roeg's finest film and, arguably, one of the best British films ever made. Starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, this is a brilliant adaptation of a Daphne Du Maurier short story. On a cold, bright autumn day in Suffolk, England, a little girl in a red mackintosh drowns in a pond - the daughter of John and Laura Baxter. Trying to recover from the tragedy, the couple arrive in Venice, Italy, where John has been commissioned to restore a church. In the eerie atmosphere of the lagoon city in winter, they encounter two strange sisters. Laura is suddenly released from her grief when one of them, a blind psychic, tells her that she is in contact with her dead daughter. Angered and skeptical, John carries on with his work, but witnesses an unsettling vision of his own: a little girl in a red mackintosh disappearing into the Venetian alleys.

    As Venice and his fate closes in on John, illusion, reality and sudden terror spiral the story to its grotesque climax, as the design in director Nicolas Roeg's mosaic becomes unforgettably clear.

    Available as part of a 4 disc Collector's Edition inlcuding UHD, Blu-ray Feature, Blu-ray bonus disc with brand new extras and the original haunting Pino Donnagio CD soundtrack. Also contains 5 artcards, new theatrical poster and booklet with essays and original articles. The packaging has a had a new illustration commissioned for the recent theatrical and home entertainment release.

    For the 2019 restoration of DON'T LOOK NOW, STUDIOCANAL went back to the original camera negative which was scanned at 4K resolution in 16bit and created the following: 4K DCP, UHD version and a new HD version which were produced with the same high technological standards as today's biggest international film releases. The restoration and new UHD version was colour graded and approved in London by the BAFTA Award-winning cinematographer, Anthony B Richmond.


    Pass the Warning: Taking A Look Back at Nic Roeg's Masterpiece
    A kaleidoscope of meaning: colour in Don't Look Now
    4k Restoration featurette
    Audio Commentary with Nic Roeg
    Death in Venice: Interview with Pino Donaggio
    Interview with Donald Sutherland
    Interview with Allan Scott
    Interview with Tony Richmond
    Interview with Danny Boyle
    Don't Look Now: Looking Back
    Behind the scenes stills gallery
    Y en Steelbook:

    RESERVADAS las dos ya!!! Dios qué orgasmoooo!!
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