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Tema: Ultimate REN & STIMPY

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    nexus 6 Avatar de Roy Batty
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    03 oct, 00
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    Predeterminado Ultimate REN & STIMPY

    Ren and Stimpy Show, The - Ultimate Box Set planned

    It seems Spike and Paramount are planning to release an "Ultimate" box set for The Ren & Stimpy Show. This set will contain:
    The 1990-1991 SPUMCO series
    The 1992-1994 series
    The 2002 John K Series
    The packaging mentions the following extras:
    Meet some of the top Spumco artists!
    See previews of these future Ren and Stimpy specials! ("George Liquor's Wilderness Adventure" and "Life Sucks!")
    He Hog The Atomic Pig pilot
    See a cartoon so funny that every network in town refuses to give it to you!
    Magic Fun Booklet!
    Filled with artist profiles, drawing info and thrilling trivia and activities!
    This information came from packaging posted to the The Members of the Loyal Order of Stupids website, in a thread which has since been taken down. Thankfully, one of the members there posted the artwork to his site so you can get a glimpse at the early artwork.

    The package notes "The 1990-1991 SPUMCO series. John K. Classics! Actually Uncensored this time!!" which makes it sound as though they'll add the missing footage from the first set back into the episodes.

    We spoke with our friends at Paramount and were told they'll release the set on November 8. Of course that date may move (it hasn't been announced yet), but that's where it's placed now.
    Fuente: TV Shows on DVD

    Ren & Stimpy: Lost Episodes, Details & Art
    Reported by: Anthony Lizarraga
    April 02, 2006 (10:06pm)

    After a ten year hiatus, John K. resurrected his classic cartoon for Spike TV – no holds barred. Witness the cartoons he always wanted to make, uncensored and out of control. Deemed too hot to handle by Spike execs, these episodes are now available on DVD – be warned: this is not your baby-brother’s Ren & Stimpy!


    Runtime: 198 min.
    # of Discs: 2
    US Rating: Not Rated
    Canadian Rating: 14A - Not Recommended For Young Children, Mature Theme, Crude Content, Nudity, Sexual Content

    DVD Features:

    * Animatics - 17 APC animatics
    * Pencil Tests - 3 APC pencil tests: Naked Beach Frenzy
    * APC Model Sheets & Background Art - Tons!
    * Rough Cut - Ren Seeks Help
    Fuente: DVD Toons

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    Senior Member Avatar de Liberty
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    30 jul, 02
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    Predeterminado Re: Ultimate REN & STIMPY

    Mi hermano lleva un año dándome la paliza a ver cuando editan esta serie con el doblaje... Pero parece que no hay manera...
    Sé menos curioso acerca de las personas y más curioso acerca de las ideas -Marie Curie

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