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Tema: Vendo grabador cassette Technics RS-M270X con DBX

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    14 dic, 05
    18 veces

    Predeterminado Vendo grabador cassette Technics RS-M270X con DBX

    Vendo este grabador de cassette tipo alta fidelidad. Con un sistema de DBX con el que se alcanzan 110 decibelios de rango dinámico (los mejores casettes sólo llegaban a 72 decibelios). Condición como nuevo. Muy poco usado. Soy el comprador original, no procede de segunda mano. Con manuales originales. Dos motores servo, sin correas de tracción. Color plata.

    Podéis ver algunas características en este link de uno que se vendió en USA estas Navidades. Una joya de su tiempo

    Si alguien está interesado me puede enviar un privado.

    SOLD 12/29/05
    Circa 1977-81

    "WORKHORSE" is the best way I can describe this deck. The Technics RS-M270X. I bought one of these new back in '82, and have logged many hundreds of hours on it and it's never failed me (no this is not mine, I'll use it till it goes up in flames). The IC Logic transport is fast and sturdy. I have used (read abused) mine to no end and it keeps on going. This is also one of the best performing decks I have ever sold or used including most of the "Studio / Pro" decks we have sold new over the past 23 years. It would be at home in any audiophile system as well as pro / project studio. And since it utilizes DBX NR it can squeeze up to 110 dB of dynamic range onto a cassette tape (normally the best recorders might do up to 72 dB)
    Features include:

    - Direct Drive, NO RUBBER BELTS on main tape transport, except for the counter.
    - FG Servo capstan motor for speed stability
    - 2-Motor system for better accuracy and greater longevity (due to fewer rubber parts to deteriorate over time)
    - DBX noise reduction built-in for recording and playback for playing back all those DBX encoded tapes you have
    - Full IC logic "Touch-Control" tape transport
    - DBX "Disc" function for reducing noise in DBX encoded records
    - Normal, Fe-CO2, CrO2 & Metal Tape Type selector
    - SX (Sendust Extra) heads for greater longevity
    - Dual 18 segment, 2-color Fluorescent signal level meters with Peak Hold
    - Variable Output level control
    - Separate L & R level controls
    - Record Mute function
    - Dual front mounted 1/4" mic input jacks
    - Front mounted Stereo Headphone jack
    - Input port for optional remote control
    - Timer Play / Record function.
    -True "WORLD AC POWER" ™ allows unit to be operated on 50 or 60 Hz AC and will select voltages from 110v, 120v, 220v and 240 volts AC input.

    Specs are as follows:
    - Wow & Flutter - a super low 0.035%
    - 20-20,000 cps with Metal tape
    - 20-19,000 cps with Chrome
    - 110 dB Dynamic Range ( @1 kHz w/ DBX engaged)
    - S/N ratios: 92 dB w/ dbx, 68 dB W/ Dolby & 58 dB w/ no NR.

    Great for transferring your tape collection to CD, Hard-drive or MP3. This deck will include a copy of the original owners manual and a B&W copy of the sales brochure. Measures 17" wide x 14" deep x 3.75" tall and weighs 16 lbs unpacked. Comes with our 30 day limited warranty.
    Cond. 8.5
    SOLD 12/29/05

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    14 dic, 05
    18 veces

    Predeterminado Re: Vendo grabador cassette Technics RS-M270X con DBX

    Veo que no tiene mucha aceptación. ¿Este formato está totalmente muerto?.

    Pensaba que al ser un equipo un tanto especial podría interesar a alguien con alguna necesidad especial.

    Me puede alguien aconsejar donde podría ponerlo a la venta (aparte de eBay claro).


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