En un conocido diario de la ciudad de Los Angeles sale un anuncio ofreciendo una habitacion en alquiler.Sin embargo todos los clientes que entran en ella, desaparecen misteriosamente...

Edita Vinegar Syndrome. Nada de español.


Additional info:

Region Free Blu-ray
Newly scanned & restored in 4K from 35mm negative elements
"The Other Side of the Mirror" - an interview with director Elly Kenner
"Acting on Impulse" - an interview with actor Jimmy Stathis
"Getting Revenge" - an interview with actress Claire Corff (formerly Clara Perryman)
"Blood and Black Room" - an interview with special effects artist Mark Shostrom
"Working Their Asses Off" - an interview with production assistant Lisa Cronin
"Bodies of Work" - Nightmare USA author Stephen Thrower on The Black Room and the career of its writer Norman Thaddeus Vane
Reversible sleeve artwork
English SDH subtitles